Lightning baseball

It’s About The Effort, Not the Outcome

Let me start by saying, our program is different, but in reality I wish we weren’t. We highly prioritize FUN, but do so in a structured environment and set high standards for all involved.

First and foremost, we are a process focused organization. This philosophy is rooted in everything we do, on and off the field. Being process focused means we focus solely on those things that we can control such as our effort, focus, and attitude. We CANNOT fully control a win/loss, a strikeout, a cleanly fielded ground ball, an accurate throw, etc. These items have external factors and simply don’t deserve the air time we hear routinely in tournaments.

Baseball is a game where you will fail FAR more often than you will succeed. If you measure success by win/loss, hits, errors, etc. you are going to be disappointed a lot and ultimately lead to not enjoying the time on the field. Your longevity in this game will largely depend on how you handle and respond to failure. So, why would you measure your success/failure on factors that you cannot fully control?

Our program measures success by our effort, which we all control. Our standard is 100% effort in:

  • Every rep
  • Every drill
  • Every practice
  • Every pitch
  • Every game

It’s a fact that you can only move forward and grow from success. How a program defines success will determine player enjoyment and the outcomes that their teams will create.

The Bigger Picture

As coaches we strive to never lose sight of the BIG picture. The bigger picture is that we do this from a place of positivity to build productive young men, not just better baseball players. Baseball is the vehicle we use to install this mindset and standard of excellence. It is really about the long game for these kids. When a player finally realizes that what is most important in this moment is their effort, look out!! They will become better students, better children, better siblings, and ultimately more productive adults.

This is the ultimate goal for us coaches and what drives us everyday!!

– Lightning Baseball Coaches