We often communicate in many different forms how we are a long-term focused organization. How the focus is not on a particular outcome, but rather on the effort or process associated with an outcome. What does this really mean and why do we believe it is extremely important?

For me, long-term is not really associated to baseball at all. Baseball is a game that is a very important aspect of their lives right now and will likely be for the next 8-12 years. Only a handful from any youth program will play beyond that. Do I have a “micro goal” for all of our kids to play high school and beyond? Of course, but I spend very little relative energy here as I believe it is extremely short term thinking. Long-term for me is when these kids become adults, parents, employees, and leaders in our community.

As coaches we are only around the kids for an extremely short period of time, but this time is extremely impactful on their lives. I can distinctly remember my coaches through the years, their communication style, and it’s impact on me today. As a 9-10-11-etc year old in the moment, I’m sure I didn’t hear the words as I remember them now, but the point is that I remember the words. I can remember a football coach saying once to “treat everything in life as if you are trying to be the best at it”. “When you brush your teeth in the morning, brush them like someone who is the best in the world at it”. Now I’m sure as a 17 year old, I thought this was a crazy concept. However, as I grew older I got the underlying message and the importance of this mindset in our daily lives. My most successful days result when I can fully execute on the message from that football coach.

This example, and many others, is why I put the time into coaching. A simple one line statement from a coach I respected, is something I still draw on from time to time as an adult. The words we say to kids as coaches and the associated long-term impact on them is very real. It has an impact on their trajectory in life. This is why I coach and consider it being one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life. It is what drives me to spend the focused time trying to make our program the best it can possibly be. My WIN will come “long-term” when I see ALL of our kids as honor roll students, scholar athletes in high school & college, college graduates, highly productive employees, business leaders, and leaders in our community.