Blast Motion

BLAST MOTION SENSOR TECHNOLOGY We utilize Blast Motion sensors to quantify the swing, provide objective feedback for players and coaches, as well as a tool for creating competitive environments during practice. The Blast sensor provides real-time highly accurate feedback on the following data points: Bat speed Time to contact Attack

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Rijo Baseball TV

RIJO BASEBALL TV Something I'm always looking for are different individual or team drills that approach a particular fundamental from another perspective. There are so many ways to accomplish what you are looking for and every player is different. Different perspectives are very important. If you aren't careful, individual work

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Sharing in Player Development

SHARING IN PLAYER DEVELOPMENT I am someone who is super passionate about development. I've always been someone who is focused around trying to improve myself or things that I am involved with. This is something that is in my DNA and where I try to put a majority of my

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