The Lightning Baseball program is outstanding, and the impact extends beyond the field. The consistent focus on character development through baseball, and teaching kids to apply those ethics at home and in the classroom, is why we chose the Lightning. It has been amazing to watch my son grow so much not only as a player, but as a responsible, driven and caring young boy.

As a member of the Lightning Baseball family, you’re choosing a first class organization with first class coaches who impart a coaching philosophy that gives your child a blueprint to follow not only in sports, but in life.

Bryan LaClaire
When I got the call that there was a new team forming last fall and found out who the coaches were going to be, it didn’t take me a split second to say yes I’m all in. That decision for my son was the best thing that could have happened for him. He has excelled tremendously not only in his confidence, but his skill and knowledge of the game. Every practice is loaded start to finish with what it takes to be a great at baseball. No doubt the Lightning will teach your boy everything he needs to know to be a good ball player.
Jamey deGrom
I LOVE BASEBALL ! – spent many hours at my two son’s games years ago and
now spending many hours at my two grandson’s games and practices.

I’ve seen lots of different coaching skills – good, bad and ugly – – I’m
so impressed with my grandson, Ryan’s team, Lightning 9-U. The positive
approach and respect that’s been instilled by the coaches has been wonderful and
all the boys have improved amazingly.

Keep up the great job coaches. Go Lightning !!

Faith Harris
My family has witnessed my son’s development in such a short period of time being on the Lightning. The practices are very well organized and productive. The coaches main focus is the fundamentals of baseball, family, and fun. Most importantly my son feels wanted and is loved by every single coach. My son and my whole family are so proud to call ourselves part of the Lightning Team. We look forward to a long future with them.
Adrienne Rutten
The Volusia Lightning by far has exceeded my expectations of a travel ball team for its coaching and teaching my child to love the game. The entire coaching staff has the right demeanor and actually takes the time to pull your child aside when they make mistakes to explain to them their err and then instructs them on how to correct it in a way that they understand it. This approach has made all the difference for my child learning to play the sport of baseball with class, the right way. Additionally, the diverse staff of coaches bring technical expertise in many areas beyond the basics to teach your child ALL aspects of the game. As a result, my son’s skill has significantly increased in only one season on both offense and defense. When compared to other programs in the area that I have participated in, hands down, the Volusia Lightning program is clearly distinguished by its dedicated coaching staff that are committed to teaching the skills and knowledge of the game to EVERY child on the team.
Trip Healey
Great organization with a great coaching staff! Energy is spent on coaching the players to their peak performance levels and negative criticism is always avoided. Coaches are encouraging, dedicated, and promote positive support. Our son enjoys his time spent at each practice and looks forward to each and every game. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of Lightning Baseball!
Melissa Rape
I scouted for a travel ball program that I felt matched my son’s needs. We had been to a few try outs and I always left doubting if that’s where my son should be. He attended the Lightning’s open work out, then the try-outs. First impressions are everything. I knew from day one this was an organization that I wanted my son with. It is a structured program that is meticulously implemented. The practices are well planned and organized. The coaches have great constructive feedback, notice I didn’t say criticism. It’s great to see them building our kids up and showing them what to do or how to improve. I’m genuinely proud of our team, and equally excited to see how far these kids will grow as ball players.
Tamika Alcaide